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breasts on a plane

by Rob Friesel

via a A. (via J.G.-C. via Woman kicked off plane for breast-feeding baby (in Vermont!?!?):

Gillette said she was discreetly breast-feeding her 22-month-old daughter […] She said she was seated by the window in the next-to-last row, her husband was seated between her and the aisle and no part of her breast was showing.

A flight attendant tried to hand her a blanket and told her to cover up, Gillette said. She declined, telling the flight attendant she had a legal right to breast-feed her baby.

Moments later, a Delta ticket agent approached and said the flight attendant had asked that the family be removed from the flight, Gillette said…

Does this sicken anyone else? Apparently it does: there’s a petition floating around about this. What does it matter if her breast was showing or not? She was breast-feeding. Regardless of how you feel about breasts, this is what they’re for. Evolution created them for this express purpose and no amount of fashion advice can undo that. Being offended by a breast used for nursing is like being offended by a foot used for walking. I encourage everyone to speak out about this.

Oh, and boycott Delta/Freedom if you can. Vote with your dollars, folks.

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