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dream.20061122: Tux for pres

by Rob Friesel

Hanging out in some weird little arcade, I stumble across this interesting-looking game.  I’m not sure why I feel so drawn to it; it’s basically just a side-scroller.  The “interesting” part of the game is that is uses a two-handed touch-screen method for control.  With the right hand you control the path of your character.  And with the left hand you control the firing patterns.  The graphics are not really all that impressive (a lot of vintage early 90s; think Contra III) but after getting past level three, the game radically changes.  We got from a side-scrolling space ship shoot ’em up to a … 3D RPG?  Where you play Tux the Linux penguin?  Running for President?  The point-of-view swoops in from the “out there” 2D to a close-up 3D view (think Super Mario 64) except that everything keeps fading between color and black-and-white and between looking like a hand-drawn sketch and a 3D video game.  In the initial parts of “running for president” mode, you are hiring your staff and brining them into this de-commissioned bowling alley that you have taken over.  And of course, the first real challenge is to resist corruption — wanting to ask your staff to set up your office “too” extra special.  Fortunately, you can focus instead on coming up with catch-phrases for your staff members — some kind of catchy way to introduce themselves and your cause.

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