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NaNoWriMo: 04-Nov

by Rob Friesel

NaNoWriMo: 04-NovWriting location: my new big chair in the living room

Put in a pretty full (if sporadic) day of writing. Already up to 24.11% of the 50,000 word mark as of this writing here.

Moving right along on the story now. Got most of Act One’s cast introduced and have made myself pretty comfortable with the setting any my narrator.

Also: for a change, I’ve given myself a pretty fallible narrator/protagonist. There’s plenty not to like about him. And just as much to like. But for a change there’s nothing really paradigmatic about him.

It seems like a pretty dumb thing to say but this project has me feeling like I have all the liberties in the world to take all the risks that I’ve never really felt comfortable taking before. Let’s hope it holds. And hope beyond 30-Nov as well that this gets a chance for shelves out there.


Today’s Oblique Strategy: Think -inside the work -outside the work.

Today’s Word Count: 12,055 of 50,000 (24.11%)

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