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why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year

by Rob Friesel

In the past six years, I’ve participated in (and “won”) NaNoWriMo four times.1 It has been frustrating, stressful, inspirational, enlightening, and fun each time. There is something special about these month-long events. If you do it “right”, and completely let go of your inhibitions–if you abandon the false presumption that your writing will be any […]

NaNoWriMo 2011

by Rob Friesel

Short version: In my fourth NaNoWriMo effort1, I have “won” again. Turning in 63,311 words. And I’ve probably got at least that many to go to finish the draft of this novel. That is to say, it’s only about halfway done. There’s a “long version” of this post that I’m thinking of making–some reflections on […]


by not non-fiction

Turning it in at 52,703 of 50,000 (105.41%).  Got… 70% of the way to a novel?  With a bunch of extraneous stuff there in the middle, most likely.  Unnecessary verbosity.  But it still feels good to hit >50,000 words in a month.
And yes, I “fini…


by not non-fiction

+669 = 50,379 of 50,000 (100.76%)
Tipped up and over.  But the story is far from done.  (There’s just a lot of fluff in the early bits…)  Going to peck away at this until November is over—see how far I can take it—and stub out the rest of th…


by not non-fiction

+1,804 = 49,710 of 50,000 (99.42%)
I know what you’re thinking:  Really?  You’re stopping with 290 words to go?
Well here’s what I’m thinking:  Yes, really.  These past two nights I’ve gotten a late start, but once I got that start, I’v…


by not non-fiction

+2,467 = 45,149 of 50,000 (90.30%)
4,851 words to go.  10,163 words ahead of the “set” daily pace-to-match.  Roughly six and a half days ahead of schedule.
So that feels good.
But I also feel like I’m flailing a lot.  Like there’s a story in…