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Syndicated content from the not non-fiction Tumblr blog where Rob Friesel posts items related to the creative writing process, or else bits and pieces of stories he's working on and/or the occasional flash fiction.

on serializing stories online

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The Value of Practicing in Public — Curiosity Never Killed the Writer:

And/or, as I said to myself: “Remember how, as a kid, you used to serialize all that fan-fiction on Prodigy? Wasn’t that silly?” Except for the part where people were actually reading the stories. And I actually finished them. And they actually got better as I went along.

Maybe I should give that another shot?

“People don’t really eat pizza in Montana.”

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Thomas McGuane with bits like:

People don’t really eat pizza in Montana. There are no secretaries here.


I like writing that’s a bit more direct because I hope the subjects are difficult enough that they can supply all the indirection that I could possibly manage.

And also:

There comes a point where I have to declare a truce with the text or I’ll keep fooling with it forever.

Fascinating interview on NPR’s All Things Considered re: his new collection, Crow Fair. More than worth the 7 or so minutes. Go check it out.

Good vs. Great

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Lessons From the Slushpile: Good vs. Great: At Inkpunks:

As writers we get so accustomed to identifying what’s wrong with things. We read and we pick out the things we don’t like about a story, what we think the author did wrong. Maybe it’s time…


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Turning it in at 52,703 of 50,000 (105.41%).  Got… 70% of the way to a novel?  With a bunch of extraneous stuff there in the middle, most likely.  Unnecessary verbosity.  But it still feels good to hit >50,000 words in a month.
And yes, I “fini…


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+669 = 50,379 of 50,000 (100.76%)
Tipped up and over.  But the story is far from done.  (There’s just a lot of fluff in the early bits…)  Going to peck away at this until November is over—see how far I can take it—and stub out the rest of th…