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Syndicated content from the not non-fiction Tumblr blog where Rob Friesel posts items related to the creative writing process, or else bits and pieces of stories he's working on and/or the occasional flash fiction.


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+1,804 = 49,710 of 50,000 (99.42%)
I know what you’re thinking:  Really?  You’re stopping with 290 words to go?
Well here’s what I’m thinking:  Yes, really.  These past two nights I’ve gotten a late start, but once I got that start, I’v…


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+2,467 = 45,149 of 50,000 (90.30%)
4,851 words to go.  10,163 words ahead of the “set” daily pace-to-match.  Roughly six and a half days ahead of schedule.
So that feels good.
But I also feel like I’m flailing a lot.  Like there’s a story in…


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+2,153 = 33,480 of 50,000 (66.96%)
Not bad.  Especially considering a full day at work and “It’s Just Dad Tonight Night” with The Boy until about 8:00pm.  Some good material in there, too.  Though I’ll admit I feel like I don’t know “whe…