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NaNoWriMo: 05-Nov

by Rob Friesel

NaNoWriMo: 05-NovWriting locations: Living room > Dining Room > Living Room > Fletcher Free Library > Living Room

Main lesson learned today? Just push through the tedious parts. Let December be about editing and polishing and making it sound right.

Oh, and if you don’t care about your characters’ walk to the park, your reader won’t either. Skip it. Mention it maybe. But move on.

50,000 words may be the goal but as Hickman & Weis proved, if you try to narrate every step of the path, it eventually wears a little thin. (Tolkien showed us all this decades before Hickman & Weis, even…)

Anyway, we’re about four days ahead of pace:


Today’s Oblique Strategy: Idiot glee.

Today’s Word Count: 15,578 16,076 of 50,000 (31.16% 32.15%)

UPDATE: Wrote a little more, before throwing in the towel for the weekend.  But that also (upon reflection) meant that I’d written 4,021 words today alone.  Between Friday and today that’s 10,167 words, over 20% of the goal in three days.  WTF!?

Now for some Firefly…

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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo: 05-Nov

John says:

Way to go, Rob!

How do you just push ahead. I spent most of the evening writing, sometimes at a good clip, and I’m still (given that Monday will be a wash) six or so thousand words off the pace.


found_drama says:

Let’s see… Partly it’s that I had an outline of where I wanted to take things. I tried to envision the story in a five act arc. The other tip: allow yourself to get into some mundane details. Exploit those (and dialogue) for word count. 😉

Also: Palahniuk-seque repetition works pretty well. But those are just scale-tippers.

Keep writing!

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