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NaNoWriMo: belated week 3 weigh-in

by Rob Friesel

NaNoWriMo: 19-NovWriting locations: The Chair > kitchen table > living room couch…

Busy weekend on all fronts… Lost time Friday to travel. But that was an important trip. A good visit. And apparently, a productive one, as well.
The weekend was most decidedly not a wash. I will admit to losing some steam (this “Act II > Act III” shift was a bastard…) but the enthusiasm is still there. Just need to maintain that momentum.

And breaking the 40,000 word mark (just barely) tonight will certainly help with that:


Now to keep that pace up… Current projects still have me breaking 50k around the 24th. Let’s hope that the holiday doesn’t kill that momentum too much.

Today’s Oblique Strategy: Remove specifics and convert to ambiguities.

Today’s Word Count: 40,102 of 50,000 (80.20%)

Wearing Down The Battery

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