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dream.20061217: revolt

by Rob Friesel

War! Revolution!

A corporation and a hospital vie for control of the same building.  Although it was originally built as a hospital, they sought financial aid from this company.  Ever since, the two organizations have been at each others’ throats, trying to secure total control over the building, adding to it (arcology-style) as they go.  From without, you can tell who has the upper-hand by the kind of architecture being used on each new addition to the building.  It gets taller, its footprint bigger, each and every year — though the revolution (company vs. hospital) rages just as much.

A missing baby has brought me here.  A. and I have apparently moved and she has awoken from a fitful sleep to discover that our baby has gone missing.  My granddad intervenes, helping us search, asking questions.  We did not even know that we were expecting.  It was like someone took it from us (from her) in our sleep.  Granddad knows someone that can get me inside the hospital to seach for it.

I heed his advice and enter the attic of our new house (why are attics always crammed full of old crap no one wants? even in a newly built house such as this?) to discover a small door.  Behind the door is a tunnel that leads to just outside the hospital.  I loop around to one of the loading docks and see the man I’m looking for: a burly, hunched-over looking fellow with thick, metallic bristles of attenae sticking out of his back like an ankylosaurus.  He’s also got other red-glowing LEDs on his body and other metallic armor plates.  He’s got a thick brown cloak draped over his shoulders but the spikes have torn right through.  I can’t tell if he’s with the hospital or the corporation’s faction but he’s going to help me either way.  He arms me with glass bottles and we go inside.

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