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lazy sunday post

by Rob Friesel

Trying to keep it relatively chill today. What’s weird is that it seems like the more that I try to keep things mellow, the more hectic they become. Seems like my batteries are never going to get recharged. (Maybe I should try accupuncture?)

Anyway… Spent some of the weekend brushing up on my CSS, tying up some loose ends on the Pemulis style for K2… Updated WordPress, fixed the “img” problem, toyed around a bit with the blockquote background (and optimized!), and tidied up the folksonomy a little bit. (We’ve got 20 categories for posts here but we’re also rocking over 500 tags…) Still some more to do but doubt that I’ll get to that today. I think I’ll just try to catch up on some reading instead. Or watch some Deadwood when A. gets home from work. (Oh, there she is now…)

UPDATE: F* that “staying inside” stuff. It was too nice not to go out for a walk:

Lake Champlain from Battery Park

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