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by Rob Friesel

A. gave me a juicer for Xmas and we’ve been having some fun trying it out, one recipe at a time. It’s interesting to try out vegetable juices and fruit/vegetable juice combinations — it’s not always easy to find veggie juices at the store (for example). Observe:

Juicin': teh ingredients (282)
Juicin': teh process (286)
Juicin': teh enjoyment (292)

…all that said, we’re minding the expense through all this juicy enjoyment.  Three pints of our tomato-based cocktail cost a little over $13 to make from scratch.  I suppose you could argue that we are buying the vegetables and fruits at retail prices … and it does seem to take a lot of fruits/vegetables to make only “so little” juice … but it does make me reflect again today on Doctorow’s comments about how we measure quality of life in America.  He mentions “bad food” and I don’t think he’s speaking strictly about greasy stuff — sadly, over-priced fresh fruits and vegetables are probably a big deterrent for many consumers.

For tonight: I’ll enjoy my juice.  But I’m adding a bit more celery seed.

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