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MWSF 2007 Score Card

by Rob Friesel

Ouch. I was way off:

  • The Leopard: OS X 10.5. Nope. Narry a big cat in sight. Oh sure, we’ve got CoreAnimation on an iPhone but what about my existing hardware? Burn. No points.
  • iSoftware. Nope again. No Keynote, no Pages. No iLife ’07. See above re: Leopard? No points.
  • Refreshed Mac minis. Again: nope. No Macs. No points.
  • And New Cinema Displays with integrated iSight.  No.  No.  No.  No points.
  • The iTV.  *ahem*  Apple TV.  Well, we knew that was coming.  One weak, pathetic point.  And no bonus points because I hosed it on the flash memory and “slaving” aspects.
  • As for “One more thing…”  Well, seems like the whole presentation was exactly that.  Jobs himself said he’d been holding in the iPhone for 2.5 years.

Lesson learned?  Don’t bet on my horse if we’re at the track together.

That said, you have to admit that this iPhone dealie is at least the 3-5 years ahead of anything else on the market right now.  Stacking its price tag up against the smartphones it’s targeting and it’s actually not that bad of a deal.  What will be really interesting though is to see where else this “Multi-Touch” technology starts to make its way into.  Perhaps a tablet Mac isn’t so far fetched after all?

Lastly: 802.11n in the new AirPort Extreme.  Hot.  Now the rest of my hardware needs to catch up.

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