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links for 2007-02-28

by Rob Friesel
  • via save $988 a year by bringing your lunch; put into perspective — that’s a Mac mini with upgrade RAM and hard drive (or) a little less than a year’s worth of mobile phone service (your mileage may vary on that one; or) about 120 bottles o

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  • via A List Apart (Articles): good essay on modern deployments of hybrid HTML/Flash designs; focus is on using Flash to automate or otherwise handle some of the fancy design elements while leaving the rest of the heavy-lifting to JavaScript and the rest of

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One Response to links for 2007-02-28

Ben says:

I’ve quivered back and forth on the frugal lunch thing many many times – there’s a couple of points however, that have inevitably swayed me back to just buying:
1) my time spent preparing the lunches. I don’t have someone who will do that for me, so I’d have to calculate the cost of 5 to 10 minutes daily plus 1 hour per week for preparation – were I to go the route of making sandwiches, bagging things, etc., it would dig into my already time crunched morning routine. Some people have posited that you could take it out of the savings as equivalent to your “billable” time, or about 20 hours at $x per hour… I personally don’t, but somewhere between that number and $0 is where I’d put it.
2) i’ve never worked in a place with a decent cafeteria – if i bring my lunch (or order in), i’m eating at my desk (which, as a matter of fact, i’m doing now), so I don’t get the downtime in the middle of the day to stretch, work out kinks, relate to my coworkers etc. That last one I feel is very important, because I’m still friends with – and have networking opportunities through – many ex-coworkers. It’s through them that I’ve gotten several good jobs, and while I wouldn’t say it’s because we all had lunch together every day, it definitely helped
After reading through the comments on that page now, what i’ve said is already on there, and i think i’ve heard this argument several times over there years… while the draw to save UP TO $900 a year is strong, i keep working it out to at most a couple hundred per year, which is only about $20 a month, and that’s the price of my lazy, hehehe

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