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MacFUSE and -12

by Rob Friesel

A little update on my adventures with MacFUSE and sshfs… With the 0.1.9 release, they seem to have gotten things working quite a bit better. You can get “bundled” sshfs and SpotlightFS apps that serve as a GUI on top of these respective protocols (and just when I got the command line elements figured out, too…), taking out a lot of the guesswork. And while it’s not as geek-a-licious, it goes a little faster and doesn’t require you to litter your ~ with errant mount-point directories.

Needless to say, I was pleased with the progress they’ve made. There are some really cool things going on here.

All that said, I got a little chuckle when trashing some files on a volume mounted over sshfs:

Items to delete: -12


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