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IE hackery (follow-up #1)

by Rob Friesel

While A. committed herself to more work this evening, so did I…

I decided to follow up on this morning’s post and put forth a good faith effort at solving as many of the IE-specific issues in my CSS as I could re: Ortho…

The good news? It’s legible and more/less looking good (at least w/r/t/ the main content regions) in Internet Explorer 61, which is to say that the parts you (my dear reader) actually read look almost exactly like I’ve intended them2. In a way, I feel like asking myself Well what did you accomplish? But that much should be easy. Ortho went from looking like a gothic kid’s worst regurgitation3 to looking like the (I hope) classy bit that I intended it to be. But there’s still a ways to go:

  • is missing border-bottom in IE6 (despite “standards compliance mode”)
  • the last img in the Flickr badge sometimes drops down a full 75+ pixels despite (what appears to be) adequate clearance (width and height-wise) and proper overflow rules (and “standards compliance mode”)
  • the paragraphs seem squashed together in IE (not sure yet if this is an issue with line-height or margin-bottom…)
  • and of course there are the many issues with the #footer that don’t even need describing…

At any rate…  We’re a far-cry from where we were this morning.

  1. At the moment, our Windows PC resources are quite limited. I’m reticent to put IE7 on the final remaining machine because I hear it (IE7) plays nice with min-width and max-height (etc.) and generally follows the rules. Well, most of the rules. And since I still have about 20% of my readership on IE (shame on y’all) and 87% of that on IE6… Alas, I need to do a little bending here. []
  2. It turned out to be the min-width and max-width bits of CSS. They really confuse the living shit out of the IE. []
  3. Black on black on black and wide as hell… []

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