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milestones, notes to self

by Rob Friesel
  1. My mixer appears to have finally given up the ghost tonight; almost totally and completely. After a final (?) mix session, I went to put the iTunes back on and … nothing from any channel. I suppose this forces my hand.
  2. The domain transfer is in. We wait with baited breath for this site to go briefly dark and/or wonky when the name server switch takes place. No avoiding it. Not with the tools at hand. (More details on this switch to come.)
  3. They’re calling for a winter storm. But after two weeks ago, I see the “3-5 inches” and wonder why everyone is panicking.
  4. Also: A. is extra stoked this evening over a recently completed experiment and what she is describing as one of the most pronounced and cleanest effects she has ever gotten. Cool.

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