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slow Saturday…

by Rob Friesel

Crazy couple of weeks between our various travels (near and less near) and then being serially sick and all that.  Finally starting to get our show back on the road.  Spent the majority of the day running errands and performing long-overdue chores.  Get the home-front back into a condition that resembles something like … like people live here.  Also took the time to finally dive into a few minor projects.  Fruitful results?

  1. The wood glue that we purchased about a month ago finally managed to get itself applied to the broken chair.  Which is to say, I finally managed to apply the glue.  So that’s fixed (enough)…
  2. Assorted archiving and back-up jobs…
  3. Reconfigured Mail to go over SSL and added a free Thawte certificate on top of that.
  4. Re-wrote the nightly and weekly launchd scripts for Malkovich so that it shuts down when those routines are completed.  (Estimated electricity cost savings per year?  80%!)
  5. Re-did the root domain’s landing page…  I’ve used the Oblique Strategies (via a JavaScript array) for the past 3 years and felt it would be more appropriate to move on.  So I wired it up with a re-tooled version of my “iSpy” random Eye Spy generator.  A little window dressing and some jQuery-not-quite-Ajax fun for text refreshes.

The rest of the night?  Maybe read.  Maybe watch one of the three movies sitting on the table.  I should probably read.  The “to read” list is at least 45 books long.  And I’m not making any headway on Hesse’s Demian.  (Is it just me or is this a boring novel?)

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