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dream.20070418: hole in the ground

by Rob Friesel

A. & I have returned from equally hard days at work. Something in one of her experiments has gone amiss and a week’s worth of data collection have been wasted. I’ve had an argument with a superior over whether a particular aspect of the system should be processed “front-end” vs. “back-end”. Meanwhile, the city still hasn’t fixed the rapidly-collapsing street in front of our house. This is annoying in and of itself (“…it’s been months now, come on!”) but then it happens.

We stoop down in our kitchen to grab some mixing bowls, pots, pans, etc. — we’re getting ready to make dinner — when we notice something is wrong with the cabinets. They’re… Slanted? The floor is slanted, too. The house has partially collapsed. The floors are (miraculously) still level but the south wall of the house has basically fallen inward, into the expanding hole in the road. It’s terrifying. And not only because our house is collapsing (literally) around us but because we can already tell that this is going to take more cash to fix than we can muster…

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