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re-writing goals

by Rob Friesel

Of all my personal goals that I’ve set for 2007, it’s the writing one that’s bugging me the most.

Write another draft of my novel.  I’m shooting for another draft of at least 80,000 words with at least 40,000 words worth of new material.  Complete overhaul.  Progress so far?  Well, I’ve got most of a revised outline as of 06-Jan…

Just can’t seem to pull this off.  A couple fits & starts.  Nothing takes.  Last year’s BWAHAHAI’MWRITINGALLNIGHTEVERYNIGHT spark seems to have gone out.  For the best?

It’s taken me since the 8th to mull it over but C. was perhaps on to something with his Maybe It’s Time To Move On remark.  You’re Clinging Too Much To This Project and Maybe Try Something Different And I Mean Really Different For You.  Lessons to be learned?  I’m certainly nowhere near the above-referenced goal.

So what to do?

C.’s suggestion was seemed to revolve around trying the hand at short stories (again?) or some such animal.  This is a strong possibility.  That said, the theme of the year is to meander into quantifiable territory whenever and wherever possible.

So (and C., I am looking at you, in particular) how shall I re-write this goal in light of this new proposed direction?

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4 Responses to re-writing goals

Mary says:

Goals that we set are part of life. But they shouldn’t be what life is about. When we come up against that wall, we should try and get over it. Sometimes we go around it in a different manner. As long as you are moving in a positive direction, you are moving towards your goal. So, think about making progress in a manner that suits you now.

creighton says:

ok, so there a re really 2 questions here.

First, a new goal. I think your old goal is accurate, with just a small change in the object. Try to turn out 80,000 words, with 40,000 of new material. Not on the novel, per se, but in general. 40,000 new in short stories. Haiku. television scripts. Whatever.

Second, I think you’re asking what to write. Dare to write s/thing you wouldn’t otherwise write. That is the beauty of short fiction: you aren’t investing that huge chunk of soul & brai processor space. Hell, try a space opera. A western. Or whatever.

Also, a question: how often to you go back & review your “research material” tag? A periodic review of that might be useful — say monthly?

That’s all I got.

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