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improv mix

by Rob Friesel

This evening we have an improv mix to share. Decided (rather off the cuff) to hook up the laptop to the decks just to see what came out of tonight’s goofing around. Good enough to share (though probably not good enough to send around as a demo). Nonetheless, enjoy:

improv mix (Apr. 16, 2007)
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  1. Junior Boys “Double Shadow”
  2. Metal Music presents Mtrax “Basis (stripped down dub)”
  3. Shunt Limit “As Time Goes By (dub)”
  4. Akufen “Architexture”
  5. Swayzak “Ping Pong”
  6. DKMA “Blow It Up”
  7. G. Pal Productions “Close To You”
  8. Marino Berardi “My Definition” “Welcome”
  9. Troy Parrish “In My Father’s House (dub)”
  10. ├óme “rej”
  11. Peace Division “Bounce To This (remix)”
  12. Damg Funk “La Thomberia”

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