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by Rob Friesel

tongue with skyAs I already noted, we’re back from our vacation. It was a good trip, relaxing. Despite the lost baggage incident, it went as excellently as a vacation could. A couple hours at the beach each day, mostly sunny, no sunburns, visits to historic Civil War era sites (I could feel my interest re-kindling). Didn’t feel rushed, didn’t feel like we were trying to cram in anything.  Yeah, I mean…  What can you say?  Good food, good company, good views, good humor…  I even managed to get a rough draft of a short story written1!

And now we’re back, safe and sound.   Back to work.  My brother in town for two weeks for an internship.

But as A. put it: it makes sense to put the vacation at the beginning of the summer.  Set the tone.  Get home feeling good and then live it up with barbeques and hikes and kayaks and gardening and all that.  I couldn’t agree more.

And for the first time since we’ve lived in Vermont, we might actually manage to pull that off.

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  1. About 7,000 words, at that; but more on that later. []

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