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Haiku Movie Review: Children of Men

by Rob Friesel

Doom! Doom! No children
born in twenty years; of course
despair will follow.

I feel like the last person on Earth to have seen this but:

Terrifying film.  Gut wrenchingly emotional and suspenseful.  Had trouble sleeping last night; really, really got to me.  Adam hit it on the head when we chatted about it this afternoon: “They really nailed it — what the world would break down into if there was a 20 year plague of infertility.”  And that was what was most interesting and clever here; it wasn’t 28 Days Later style rampant zombie-ism or the other sci-fi plagues we expect where everyone is dying.  Nope — it’s “just” that no one can be born.  And so everyone gives up, eh?  The utter nihilistic despair that follows is overwhelming, crushing.

The film was incredibly powerful.  This definitely goes on one of those “best ever” lists.  Just awesome.

If you haven’t seen it:  What is wrong with you?

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