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live Junior Boys, anyone?

by Rob Friesel

Junior Boys @ Higher GroundOur man JDS over at False 45th has posted a few live cuts from the Burlington show back in April (previously…). Pretty exciting stuff. Especially since he is promising more.

The sound quality is excellent. He’s split the show up into individual tracks and has tried to cut out some of the chatter. (Remembering correctly from the show, there was a bit of it. But then again, there were only about 20 or so fortunate folks there. “Intimate” is definitely the way to put it.) At any rate — it seems like they may have been split up oddly (“Count Souvenirs” starts a few seconds too late, “The Equalizer” seems to cut off too soon) but what you get is golden. The recording of “Like A Child” is perfect.

Oh, and he’s using my photos. Which is always nice.

UPDATE: Yes…  It appears my downloads got corrupt and these recordings are not cut-off as sharply/abruptly/badly as I first suspected.  My apologies.

currently listening: Junior Boys “Like A Child (live)”

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