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dream.20070616: page boy

by Rob Friesel

P.W. & I are doing internships at the Capitol as (for all intents and purposes) bus boys to run meaningless errands for randomly assigned U.S. Senators.  The random assignment is part of the deal, they explain — like a lesson in how you don’t always get what you want and how sometimes you need to represent people you don’t particularly care for.  We’re both still pretty excited at the opportunity but they have the pages/interns corralled inside of some weird little roped-off area, crowded and uncomfortable in our cheap suits.  P. & I are both selected though and the coordinator shoves us out onto the Senate floor without any real instructions.  “Get moving!” he says and the next thing we know, we’re scrambling up and down the aisles, trying to keep our heads down and our bodies out of the way, looking for anyone that might need something faxed, or a glass of water refilled, or for us to kidnap a co-sponsor to some bill they’ve proposed.  I wind up commandeered by the zombie Strom Thurmund who seems only to want a refill for his pitcher of water.  Seems to, anyway…

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