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by Rob Friesel

green (one on the bottom) for goLet us start off the weekend with no agenda.  Let’s do nothing and then reflect on how much we got done…

Holy crap but it all seems to pile up at once, don’t it?  Pete was commenting earlier in the week about being burnt out and it being “only Tuesday” —  and (in short) I could not agree more.  Not then and not now.  It has definitely been one of those weeks where everything seemed to happen at once and feeling crushed with that feeling of “there’s no reprieve in sight!”

With that said: I want absolutely no agenda this weekend.

And there you have it.

Spent probably five or six hours in the garden this past weekend, pulling weeds out (probably 20-30 lbs.), laying down more straw mulch, watching blossoms and fruit form on our tomato and zucchini plants.  (It feels like I just washed off my hands from when we planted them…  They’re growing so fast.)   Getting my hands into the dirt has been a good stress reliever these past five or six days.  Still sleeping like crap…  But at least I was able to get to sleep most nights.

Other than gardening and feeling tired and burnt out?  Redux photos of older panoramic shots.

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