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by Rob Friesel

Garden run today. After dropping off my brother at the bus station, A. & I headed over to Gardner’s to pick up two bales of straw to use as mulch. We had been by the garden site last night to show Mark and we noticed a ton of weeds. So first things first, we needed to hunker down and rip those out before laying down the straw. So that’s what we did. While we were at it we noticed what appeared to be germinating beets:


…so we are stoked about that.

Everything was looking pretty good even though little green weeds are poking up all over the place.  The bummer was that we had really only weeded the tomato and cucumber rows before the thunderstorms started to roll in.  We threw down mulch over the spots where we had weeded and took off.  Argh.

You hear me rain?  Hold off tomorrow.  We got work to do.

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