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Really Simple Publication (a sort-of-but-not-really conclusion)

by Rob Friesel

As you may recall, I started this article thread back in September, asking the question:

“How do I teach web publication to a scientist and/or university professor? Someone who is obviously smart but also technologically UN-savvy?”

After setting some ground rules, we quickly eliminated Microsoft Word and all-but-eliminated iWeb.  Then I went on a roughly nine month hiatus on this particular topic.

Why?  For one, the original subject found a solution on her own.  Much the fire’s fuel taken away, there was not much motivation left over.  As I do not want to leave this unresolved however, I did make a vow to return to this and wrap it up.

The thrilling conclusion?

I really didn’t come up with (a good) one.  Not that I could find.  iWeb came close except for the publication matter.  Word was way off.  I did not consider Dreamweaver1.  What’s left?  Mostly web-based programs like Blogger or Vox.  Given the original question and the original goal, I believe something like Vox would be the way to go.

Anyway: glad this is off my plate.

  1. In part because of cost and in part because (in my experience) it assumes you know how to do what it’s doing for you but without it. []

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