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Sunday a.m.

by Rob Friesel

Mission(s) accomplished?  No Ladycop last night; ’round town strolls instead led us to The Half (where else?).  Creighton has unleashed Pimm’s.  No one in this town carries The Orb; neither new nor previously enjoyed.  However, Saturday was filled with almost too many serendipitous moments.  Today seems to lend itself to gardening.  We’ve pulled the last of the beets and intend to re-use the space for … peas?  Time will tell.  Also: was … was that a party call?

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Pete says:


Thanks to all three of you for the texts! 🙂 Wished you were there… slow night (EVERYBODY is on vacation) but all 20 or so people there were dancing their asses off. Great vibe.

When are you guesting again?

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