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by Rob Friesel

making tomato sauce

A week in review in its last couple hours?  Free associate: Odd-enough pressures seem to be on at all angles; late night forays into long-suspended projects for both work and art.  Digging out seven or eight year old notes for a project that never quite got off the ground.  Been falling asleep at nights thinking about it; guess that means it’s time to bring it out of retirement.  Put other written projects on hold.  (Note to self at least finish that last short story first, damn you.)  Speaking of projects, no sooner did the garden’s weeding put itself on cruise control then the pests decided to rear up and do their thing.  Lost all of the zucchinis (they were on their way out anyway) and about half the pumpkins; the other half of the pumpkins are questionable at best.  And while the butternut squash are resilient enough to the bugs, a bit of powdery mildew is sapping them in little spurts.  And those heretofore fecund tomato plants seem to be slowing as yellow-brown leaves appear; a fungus, perhaps?  And those blasted rabbits keep nibbling the tender young leaves off my pea seedlings.  That said, we’ve done a decent amount of canning thus far to save what we’ve harvested; a quart of sauce (though it’s a disappointing reality that 6 lbs. of tomatoes cook down to a single jar of sauce), numerous pints of cherry tomato salsa, jams, and preserves — too bad the pickles didn’t work out.  I suppose you need to be prepared to take your small disappointments along with your small successes.  (No new lessons, just gentle reminders.)

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