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by Rob Friesel

blossomHere we are, midday on a humid August Saturday.  Restless seems to be the keyword for both of us here; perhaps everyone?  It’s a weird interstitial moment, with some things winding down while others ramp up.  The garden seems metaphor enough for that.  Some of the plants have run their course and are done for the season, having given us their last fruit while others are just now emerging with promises for the fall.  But all things on their way out deserve their due retirement and all things on their way in deserve some measure of coddling and attention.

Where to put the energy?  Where to put the effort?

I suppose some of the restlessness is due to bouts of insomnia mixed in with increasingly intense, increasingly bizarre dreams.  Meanwhile, my downtime (read: “not at work”) is spent catching up on work projects or otherwise trying to decide between one of about four writing projects (all competing for undivided attention) and the other various day-to-day chores.

currently playing: Junior Boys “Under The Sun (live)”

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