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dream.20070926: lenses

by Rob Friesel

I are running late for the NCAA championship tournament; I was supposed to have met Dad there already.  I’ve arranged a ride on this strange guy’s spare sailboat.  Part of my problem is that I cannot get the lenses to fit correctly on the new camera.  I have my silver-bodied Canon point-and-shoot digital in my pocket already but the SLR is giving me trouble.  The last trip out to the game, I made the mistake of affixing the macro lens and so all of my assumed telephoto shots came out with the subjects quite blurry and the back of some other audience member’s head quite clear.  As I can’t find the telephoto lens, I’ve spent the last day and half trying to figure out what other lens in the collection would be best here.  But with the game imminent, I’ve given up trying to find the best lens and just affix an appropriate lens.  Even that isn’t going well; for some reason, the barrel of the lens doesn’t match up with the camera body and the built-in adapter set (this weird little arm that folds down out of the body) doesn’t quite work either.  I’ve spent the last hour trying to plug the holes with various stickers and electrical tape.  And the sailboat owner is getting anxious as well; so anxious in fact that he’s come clean about his intent to rob me.

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