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2.3: in transit

by Rob Friesel

F_D in transit to WordPress 2.3

Plugging in the new native tagging API was a snap (10 minutes max). There’s a built-in migrator for existing Ultimate Tag Warrior tags (bonus) so getting this rolled out to the live environment should will go nice and smooth.

The bummer part is with the “conflict” reported on the Extended Live Archives plug-in that we’re using for the archives here. What’s weird (at least to me) is that the reported issue talks about “problems when editing or creating new posts due to the database changes” whereas I couldn’t even get the plug-in to work at all in my sandbox environment (wouldn’t load Taxonomy or Folksonomy clusters). So now we must decide whether to strip it out, wait for the fix (or try to fix it my own self), or re-invent my archives all together. I’m leaning toward the latter because of some other UI tweaks that I’m considering (may as well do it all at once, eh?)

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