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by Rob Friesel

WordPress 2.3 upgrade here at F_D is … well, it’s more-or-less complete.  The Extended Live Archive plug-in had some compatibility issues so it was discarded for the simple and effective “Compact Monthly Archive” plug-in.  At least for now.  At least until I can roll-my-own archives plug-in1.  On the flip of that, switching to the native tagging system was a snap.  The main thing that I’ll miss from Ultimate Tag Warrior however is how it automatically appended the assigned categories as tags.  Oh well..  My other plug-ins worked: SparkStats, FootNotes, the FeedBurner plug-in, and (of course) Akismet.

So here we are … up and running on 2.3.  w00t!

  1. They’re all so chronological … where’s the categorical? the taxonomical? the tag-based folksonomy? []

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