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by Rob Friesel


  • jQuery makes JavaScript webdev so easy it’s almost stupid; 5 minutes of experimenting with the jCarousel extension followed by 10 minutes of wiring it up and then 10 minutes of CSS followed by 5 minutes of jamming it all through SVN1 and a home-rolled Twitter marquee is born.
  • Been on a good consistent writing run the past week or so.  30 minutes here, 90 there…  Same ol’ project but a re-write has been in the cards for a while.  So the time spent outlining and brainstorming is definitely time well spent.  It’s funny though, where I keep getting “stuck”…
  • Garden is winding down.  Packed 4 qts. of tomatoes tonight, so that’s good.  It’s doubtful that we’ll actually get a fall crop of peas; the beets and carrots I’m still hopeful for (but just barely).
  • Plowing through Stross’ Accelerando; I recall trying to read the CC-licensed PDF last year and didn’t get too far but holding the book in my hands and flipping pages?  Man, it’s good stuff!  Also: Bruce Sterling has a new collection coming out2.

currently playing: Junior Boys “Like A Child”

  1. What can I say?  It’s been since May… []
  2. Anyone know where we can pre-order a signed copy?  A. keeps asking me to give her ideas for birthday present(s) and I’m pretty deficient in that department. []

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