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by Rob Friesel
  • My calendar tells me I’ve spent roughly 30 hours since August 24th working on re-re-re-re-outlining my book.  Sounds pretty good to me.  All things considered, I’ll probably need to clock another 20-30 hours before I put the seal on the outline and start actually writing again.  My hat is off to John once again for Hammett and Chandler recommendations; something about them really worked as a kick-start.
  • Mentioned before but…  The garden is winding down for the season.  Butternut squash are going strong (but then again, they always were) and we’ll likely get some barely-mature fall carrots and beets but nearly everything else has surrendered.  (Hooray for entropy?)
  • About halfway through Accelerando.  This book keeps getting weirder and weirder and better and better.
  • I’m told that a few folks have had trouble leaving comments recently. Please let me know if you are.  Most of my regular readers have my email address already, so please try and hit me there.  As far as I can tell, the comment form is working like a charm but perhaps I’ve missed something.
  • Fall is settling in.  So far, quite nice.

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