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by Rob Friesel

disobeyMy folks were in town, dropping my brother off at college.  They crashed with us and we did it up on the bike path and the grill and just generally got down as a family for a bit.  We took note that the meal we cooked Saturday contained only vegetables from our garden; and the rub on the pork was homemade.  Nicely done.

A. & I took a nice chill Sunday after they jammed out today.  Caught up on some housework, did a little reading, I thrust myself headlong back into another iteration of The Work.  After all, it’s been a few months, right?  Why not start up again?  Maybe it’s just an excuse to try and sketch out the plot via OmniGraffle.  Trying to create these various, staggered branches that tie back into each other.  Linearity seems to take precedence.  (Don’t let anyone fool you kids, this writing shit is hard work.)  I keep going back and forth between the laptop and this “pocket size” sketchbook I’ve been jotting notes and pieces of prose into.  These blasts of insight keep hitting me at weird, random moments.  They all fit together nicely but when I sit down to work my way through them and build something coherent, it gets a bit thin.  Or else I stymie.  That said, a lot of the new ideas breathe fresh life into some old notes from 6-10 months ago.

I just won’t be satisfied until it’s all written down in outline form and I can start the project fresh again.  The outline is key.  If I learned nothing else from last November, that’s it.  It doesn’t have to be final (or even complete) it just needs to be “enough” to start.

Now to decide what to do with our extra day off tomorrow.  Besides making jambalaya 1.  Maybe it will come to me in a dream.

  1. Featuring supersweet 100 cherry tomatoes.[]

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