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assorted (brain dump)

by Rob Friesel
  • Went (indoor) rock climbing for the first time ever. My oh my but that was awesome.
  • Vanity Googling has its hazards. But that can also spiral into a half-hour of amusement. (Fair enough.)
  • C. stopped by somewhat randomly this evening to grace us with some bad-ass dinner and some bad-ass company1.
  • Better living through the Google Calendar? (Time will tell. But the evidence suggests … probably?)
  • LOLBladeRunner. It’s coming. I give it 48 hours, tops2.
  1. He’s still here, as a matter of fact. []
  2. Alas, my brain is too broken to give a decent offering at the moment. []

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2 Responses to assorted (brain dump)

Dan J. says:

Hey Rob, slick site… it sounds like you had a good time climbing. Did you end up going with DP? I went once… that was enough for me though… quite the workout…

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