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Sunday night

by Rob Friesel

cherry tomato salsaSunday night.

Weird weekend. Sadly, took down most of the garden yesterday. Turned over the soil, etc. Going to need to pull the carrots and beets on Thursday whether they’re ready or not. Same with the last couple butternuts. Going to be sad.

Then (this morning) dropped a bunch of cookbook reviews into GoodReads over breakfast. Errands, etc. after that. Which reminds me: few things depress me more than the cart corral in the grocery store parking lot; take a look next time and think about it for five seconds if you don’t know what I mean.

Dreary, rainy, gloomy weekend. But I got some writing done at least.

Anyway, we rounded it out with a bit of Simpsons and homemade cherry tomato salsa. Though there was still work to be done after that break. (Be that as it may…)

Also: Rock Art brewery now has a double IPA available. It’s quite good.

Lastly: Pete: what’s with the DFW inquiry? Going to pick up Infinite Jest or something?

UPDATE: Looks like I got my answer re: Pete + DFW.

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