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dream.20071223: condo swap

by Rob Friesel

The building is in an odd state of disrepair.  Wings seem to have been grafted on at odd angles and in strange places; some of the floors are slanted while others are perfectly straight; some portions of the building look fine (mostly the interiors of individual units) while others (e.g., most of the hallways) look like they have been falling apart for years.  Having moved in recently, we suspect that this has something to do with recent near-catastrophic events (e.g., zombie invasion, plague, possibly both).  We joined the association promptly upon moving in and have been trying to help to reassemble the place; I’m not particularly handy but I’ll haul planks around etc. because there is incentive to do so.

Like today when a unit (previously vacated due to the previous “incidents”) becomes move-in ready again.  There is some odd controversy, however.  We had worked our way up to be #2 on the waiting list.  The #1 person had said that he did not want to move into that new unit but some language in the by-laws states that we cannot move in until the 1st person on the list has had their position satisfied.  So even though the unit that we want is ready we cannot move in until he has moved; what’s worse, because we expressed interest in moving, the condo association president says that we need to get bumped down to the bottom of the list.

We challenge this rule and the condo association president concedes that there is an arbitration method.  A Pokémon duel!  He thrusts us (and the #1 person on the waiting list) into the grand foyer (at opposite ends) with a feral  Pikachu each and a fistful of those red and white balls  “Fight!”

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