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dream.20071226: spirit of giving

by Rob Friesel

We have organized food drive at the office. A bunch of folks have made minimum commitments to bring in a certain volume (or weight) of various non-perishables.  Cereal, canned goods, rice and couscous mixes, etc.  We are doing well in this task and are ready to make up the miscellaneous plastic-wrapped baskets that we will turn over to the shelter.  We are all pretty excited about this; after all, we have done a great job getting all of this food together.  Before we can manage to get it out the door though, the big boss comes down to have a look at what we have done.  He seems pleased at first — pleased that we have gotten together such a tremendous quantity of food for the shelter — but before long he starts to get agitated.  He berates us for donating such disgusting, prosaic items.  He holds up a box of cereal (“Honey Bunches of Oats”) and sneers.  “You may as well be sending them home with Whoppers!”  He storms out, commanding us to start all over again.  “You should all be ashamed of yourselves.”  We looks through the items; these are not necessarily all organic items or locally grown fresh vegetables (which aren’t “non-perishable” in the first place) but none of them are as bad as Whoppers.  We secretly smuggle the baskets out of the building one at a time, determined to make these donations in the company’s name whether he wants us to or not.

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