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Grudge Match

by Rob Friesel
See that? Every tile, bitches.
Final score:

Me A.
533 432

A good strong game all around with some solid plays and clever word choices on both sides. A. had a great opener with “DAZE” and kept the lead for several rounds. Wasn’t her fault that I managed to play “SQUIRE” and “QUEER” back-to-back. And then drop “KNAVERY” two turns later.

Ah, the joys of a Scrabble one-on-one. See also: “Action Flog!”

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3 Responses to Grudge Match

amy says:

Yeah, and you selectively omitted the exciting postscript, where I WHOOP YOUR ASS by playing the word “necklace,” earning my bad self 68 points, and securing my superior position as “0wnz0r of r0b f.”

Erin says:

This is a phenomenal Scrabble match! I tend to start out strong but then quickly digress to using “cat” and “bat.”

Ever since seeing this image posted on flickr my boyfriend has been on a mission to buy a new “fancy” scrabble game for us to play.

Happy New Year!

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