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Charleston, SC

by Rob Friesel

Charleston Highlight Reel

Back from Charleston, SC.  Great town; lots of neat history and culture, great vibe to the city.  See mosaic above for some impressions; the rest of the photos are up on Flickr.

Perhaps the most interesting little fact that I found out about the city during this visit: based on photos that I had seen of Charleston and on my brief previous visit about ten years ago, I had always come away with this impression that it felt like a “clean” New Orleans.  I couldn’t really figure that out though — there were some architectural similarities (the balconies and porticos, the columns, the gated gardens, etc.) that jumped out but all seemed in conflict with a town otherwise called “Little London”.  Then, while on a tour, our guide revealed to us that the city was a destination for many French Huegenots following King Louis XIV’s revocation of the Edict of Nantes.  I had a “of course, duh” moment at that one; New Orleans also having so much French influence, the similarities became clear.  What Charleston has that even New Orleans does not however: an active French Huegenot Church.

Overall, the vacation was a good break and was relaxing (though I could have used a few more days…)  Good food, fascinating tours, and time well-enjoyed with the family.

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