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dream.20080412: ghostbuster

by Rob Friesel

A hyperreal MMORPG type setting.  Sword-and-sorcery type fantasy.  Deep labyrinthine forests and far off dark towers.  A race to the finish line.  A race to the highest level of the final tower, an epic struggle of mythological proportions awaits.  There is a secret key combination, a cheat code to boost your stats, to instantly level.  But each boost also increases the difficulty of the world around you by an order of magnitude.

When you reach the tower, it instantly shoots up miles into the air.  You leap hundreds of feet with each stair step until you reach the summit, the final parapet.  You look down on towering demi-gods that are perhaps hundreds of feet high themselves.  You concentrate, focus and fire down psychic lasers upon them.  And notice that one of the god-like villains is a hybrid of Homer Simpson and the Stay-Puft marshmallow man.  These gargantuan malefactors shatter into dozens of constituents and gather on the precipice to combat you.

The ancient looking tower folds inward on itself and becomes a studio apartment, perhaps 600 square feet.  The room quickly fills up with cheesy, Ghostbusters-style ghosts.  The epic struggle breaks down into a common fist-fight.  A moderator appears to dish out commentary on each blow and pause things to explain why a particular ghost is or is not now disqualified from continuing the fight.

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