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dream.20080415: pirate lair

by Rob Friesel

The pirate gangs have a docking system that floats out in the middle of the ocean.  The docks themselves are lashed together with rope and various iron brackets; there are warehouses (some of them standing up, some of them sinking down into the water) that hold food and cannon shot, where they unload plunder or take on provisions.  Even this community of pirates is not without its squabbles, the in-fighting and the jealous quarreling.  We have been wandering from dock to dock and from ship to ship looking for someone to take us on, some way of fleeing this nomadic port of call.  A storm is coming, the skies are grey there is a sulfurous stink in the otherwise salty air.  We found her here and need to ferry her away safely before the storm arrives and before the Pirate King realizes whom has been pilfering from his holds.

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