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2008 Goals: 2nd Quarter Update

by Rob Friesel

With the second quarter of ’08 now closed, we should check in on our progress for those personal goals stated back in January.  At the end of Q1, we were doing pretty well with with writing, reading, and climbing even though walking/running were not up to par (and hiking hadn’t been touched at all).  Overall I think Q2 was better though still not hitting all our goals in all places…:

  1. Write for at least 2 hours every week.  Though I was at least keeping pace during Q1, I had something of an explosion during Q2.  A hugely productive April (approx. 35 hours) set up this aspiring novelist to really start feeling some momentum come back.
    2008 Writing Goal (as of Q2)
    Note that it helped that I count outlining, free-writing, writing-specific journaling, and editing.
  2. Run or walk at least 10 miles every week.  Just not managing to hit this one.  Once it got warmer outside, it sure became a lot easier to get out and walk.  Circumstances being what they’ve been these past couple months though, it seems to have gotten harder to make these trips by foot — they’re further out or else a walk to work doesn’t make sense because we just need to drive across town toward the end of the day anyway.  Hopefully we’ll have a bit of a course correction this summer.  Especially now that Holden is here.
    2008 Walking Goal (as of Q2)
  3. Hike 10 new trails.  Well…  Uh…  A pregnant wife makes it hard to get out and hike new trails?
    2008 Hiking Goal (as of Q2)
    The extent of this year’s “new trails” thus far has been a short path in Bolton that goes from a parking area to a series of cliffs where I went climbing with a friend. Almost not worth counting.
  4. Go climbing (or bouldering) at least once each week.  Down a little bit but still hitting goals.
    2008 Climbing Goal (as of Q2)
    Looking at “the letter” of the goals, then I missed a couple of weeks in there — but overall still managing to average at least once visit per week.  One thing is for sure: I managed to get to the gym more often when Steve was in town.
  5. Read at least 24 new books in 2008 (with at least 6 non-fiction titles).  Basically done:
    2008 Reading Goal (as of Q2)
    29 books completed during 2008 so far, 11 of them being non-fiction titles.  Of the 29, three were re-reads and one went unfinished; but that still has us with 25 completed new books by the end of June — one ahead of the goal for the year.  Here at the beginning of July, I am one book away from 2007’s total of 30 books for the year.  Not too shabby at all.
We’ll follow up on this again in another three months!

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