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2008 Goals: 3rd Quarter Update

by Rob Friesel

Wrapping up Q3 of ’081…  The results are in for my personal goals for 2008:

  1. Write for at least 2 hours every week. This trick with making “W” marks on the calendar appears to be working out quite well.
    2008 Writing Goal (as of Q3)
    66.5 hours from July to September; a little over 155 hours for the whole year.
  2. Run or walk at least 10 miles every week.  Vermont’s deep winter hurt us at the beginning of the year but come summer it’s much easier to get out there on foot.
    2008 Walking Goal (as of Q3)
    154.8 miles from July to September and though we came up a little short in July, August and September totals were well over the target.
  3. Hike 10 new trails. I’m really just making stuff up at this point…
    2008 Hiking Goal (as of Q3)
    Any walk that takes place “not on pavement” winds up on this list.  And even one that did2.
  4. Go climbing (or bouldering) at least once each week. Still doing well on this front.
    2008 Climbing Goal (as of Q3)
    20 times from July to September, including a few trips outside.
  5. Read at least 24 new books in 2008 (with at least 6 non-fiction titles).  Well over the stated goal of 30.  28 fiction3, 14 non-fiction4.  Plus, I’m not even counting the children’s books that we’re reading to H.
    2008 Reading Goal (as of Q3)
    Check my “read” list at for specific titles.

And now to close out the year!

  1. See also: Q1 and Q2 results. []
  2. We loaded H. up into a backpack and carried him up Mt. Philo. []
  3. With 3 re-reads and 4 unfinished anthologies. []
  4. With 2 unfinished. []

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