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H. and Autumn

by Rob Friesel


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Software engineer by day, science fiction writer by night. Author of The PhantomJS Cookbook and a short story in Please Do Not Remove. View all posts by Rob Friesel →

2 Responses to H. and Autumn

Mary says:

Oh so cute! I wish I could be there more often to take those walks and tha fun day we had last weekend. M

RookieMom Whitney says:

Hi there,

Love this photo!

I’d like to use one of your photos of Holden with the leaves in the background on the blog for My writing partner also has a son named Holden. Here’s the blog. Let me know if not okay. The post would go up next month and will have a photo credit with link to your flickr page unless you tell me otherwise.

A blog post on Giggle looks something like this:

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