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Linkdump for October 25th

by Rob Friesel
  • By Jacob Weisberg at Slate Magazine:

    The worst thing you can say about libertarians is that they are intellectually immature, frozen in the worldview many of them absorbed from reading Ayn Rand novels in high school.

  • …as a follow-up to Mike’s Amazing Cakes: the other end of the spectrum.
  • via Steve :: some pretty cool cakes here… I think the giant T-rex is my favorite.
  • Quote:

    Originally our project was inspired by the beautiful Mac OS X application Things by Cultured Code. We wanted to cooperate with them, but it’s not our fault we didn’t.


    Uh… What? So… You launched a web-based task manager whose look-and-feel and functionality was based on someone else’s app… You named it practically the same thing… And you “wanted to cooperate with them”…? So many things appear to be wrong with these statements.

  • at YouTube :: “Lick! Lick!”

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