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now for the hard part

by Rob Friesel

Big NewsIncredible.  As Americans, we made history yesterday.  We came out to the polls in huge1 numbers to decisively elect Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.  It seems that everyone I know or have spoken with is a-buzz with this news.  As I write this, President-Elect Obama has 349 electoral votes with only North Carolina and Missouri still outstanding.

The things that I have been thinking about all day:

  • McCain’s concession speech was gracious.  It’s too bad that it was ruined by the reactions in the crowd.
  • We have overcome a huge hurdle.  America’s first black President.  I’m looking forward to the day where no one even bats an eyelash at this sort of thing.  But for now, I’m captivated by the energy this seems brings out in people.
  • Obama’s victory speech was moving.  But more so…

…I’m glad that he acknowledges that the hardest parts are yet to come.  Barack Obama is not going to save us.  But he brings the right attitude and he brings hope to people, he inspires them.  And we’re going to need that kind of inspiration to dig our way out.

So let’s get to it.

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