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“You have 2 cows…” (Vermont edition)

by Rob Friesel

photo by Flickr's redjar

photo by Flickr's redjar

If you haven’t seen the “You have 2 cows…” series of economics jokes…  Well, try here, here, and here.  And now, a polished version of an off-the-cuff crack I made earlier today:


You have two cows.

One makes cheese, the other makes ice cream.

Responding to allegations of rBGH injections on your farm, hippies show up and protest with a “festival” on your property, effectively shutting down your operation for two weeks during the summer.

Your son moves to Boston and starts an unsuccessful marketing company.

I’ve got enough LOLs from folks to feel justified in declaring: ha!

What are your economic cow joke(s)?

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